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0 friends 1 review Ben B. Downtown, Cincinnati, OH


This is by far the best haircut I have ever had. Worth the price and then some! As long as I live in Cincinnati I won't be getting my haircut anywhere else.

47 friends 2 reviews Ryan T. Overland Park, KS

3/29/2012 Great haircuts and friendly service. Always a good deal and always a free chair.

0 friends 1 review Mike B. Cincinnati, OH

3/9/2012 Great guy, great atmosphere. Ill be back for sure. Get the matrix cut.

0 friends 1 review Joe H. Milwaukee, WI

12/28/2011 Best Haircut Ever.

I was in town for a wedding, and needed to get trimmed up quickly and efficiently for the big event. On a whim, an "old time" barbershop is what i'm going to go with, and with all the positive reviews of the Master Barber, I gave Russ a shot.


Not only is the shop itself super cool in its aesthetic - about as Old Timey as you can get - but Russ was an absolute riot and excellent conversationalist. I felt super comfortable from the moment i walked into his shop, and found it very difficult to leave after my cut was finished. I recommended him to everyone in the wedding party who needed to get cleaned up for the event, too.

I'm a believer, and when I happen to find myself back in the Cincinnati area, I'm going to definitely stop on by once again for a Master Barber cut.

Keep up the excellent work!

0 friends 1 review g i. Troy, OH

10/22/2011 Every aspect of the way Russ works is clear indicator that the title on his business card ("World's Greatest Master Barber") is not overstated. As I don't travel the world and compare the results of other barbers, it's the "master" part of the King's Court experience I'll focus on.

When I called Russ, I told him exactly what I was looking for: A straight razor shave and a hair trimming (I wear a full beard and longer hair). He immediately countered by telling me that though he could shave that way, history gave us the multi-blade razor for a reason. Operating under the impression that the straight razor provided the best results, I was flabbergasted and told him as much. He said something to the effect of, "Why not come in, let me shave you, and if you don't agree that it's the best, smoothest shave you've ever had, then it's on me".

So I went, and I paid, and I tipped generously. And I'll continue to do so for as long as I remain in Cincinnati.

Gory details of the experience aside, Russ's way of working (as well as his answers) represented his level of knowledge. Nothing short of a master, he noticed that my hair was thinning in several places, and then went on to relate his own experience with it, recommending the solution he used to me. He also explained, in detail, when and why he was using the tools he was using--and yes, at this point I was asking because he encouraged questioning during the shave.

The shave exceeded my expectations, and the cherry on top was that he used a disposable razor to do it. Unsurprisingly, a precise combination of products, methods, and cleanup procedures all contributed to the end result he promised. He made a point of asking if I was satisfied, and pressed me for more detail when I insta-answered, "110%".

To top it all off, he emphasized again and again how he likes to share as much of his knowledge and techniques with his customers so that they can handle their own grooming needs. Noble, sure, but his company alone is worth paying.

This guy is the real deal. But don't take my word for it, go in and see for yourself. And if you're not satisfied with his work, he won't let you pay him. We're talking about a man who operates on "pay me for a job done right", not "pay me for my time".

0 friends 1 review A.J. A. Cincinnati, OH

10/6/2011 After getting my head scalped a few years ago by one of those cheap-o, walk-in franchised hair cut shops, I thought I was doomed to a terrible cut or forking over $50 at a (predominantly women's) salon for a decent do. Thank goodness for King's Court.

Russ runs a laid back, but exceptionally professional operation down on Court & Walnut. King's Court looks like a page out of history. My haircut experience was quick, relaxing, affordably priced ($20), and one of the best cuts I've had - Russ managed to get all of my cowlicks to lay flat and the back of my head doesn't bulk up anymore as my hair grows out.

Truly, a barber shop worth frequenting.

4 friends 1 review J. Matthew N. Cincinnati, OH

8/27/2011 The owner/operator Russ is a class act. He gained experience cutting hair while in the Navy, as such he has more experience than most barbers his age. Solid haircut every visit. Personally, I enjoy the environment of his shop as well being a fan of Elvis, the military and sports.

5 friends 1 review Adam M. Cincinnati, OH

5/5/2011 I went to Kings Court after reading all the positive reviews on Yelp. Russ was very friendly and I got a great haircut. Highly recommended.

16 friends 2 reviews Andrew M. Cincinnati, OH

2/1/2011 Russ is a class act...he has great stories and a really likable personality. Really great haircut at a fair price, too. I'd recommend Kings Court to anyone.

0 friends 1 review Steve R. Cincinnati, OH

Updated - 1/23/2011 It's a great old school rockabilly shop. Awesome cut, music and conversation. I googled "Cincinnati's #1 Barber" They were top result, no surprise here.